Outdoor & Gardening

Many studies suggest that gardening is one of the world’s four most popular hobbies. Our rich line of outdoor and gardening products consists of planters and pots, composters, garden beds, green walls and other product, including garden tools and accessories.

We strive to stay ahead of the market’s trends, and meet our customers’ ever-changing expectations.  One growing segment is urban gardening, as city dwellers are increasingly eager to grow their own fresh produce.  Space limitation is no longer an issue, with solutions like green walls and modular planter kits that perfectly fit an urban surrounding, allowing one to grow vegetables, herbs and spices on vertical settings and balcony rails.

Fencing solutions based on a simple DIY concept are also available in multiple designs and sizes, catering to different market needs and tastes. We also offer a Pet and Bird control, including a pigeon repellent kit that provides today’s most effective solution to all pigeon problems, assuring that pigeons will leave and never return!