Airbiotics - New era in the world of cleaning

The world’s first Pro Biotic line for external use. We spend most of our time indoor and exposed to indoor pollutions. Most of us suffer from allergies, headaches, feeling “under the weather” and a variety of illnesses. As this happens, we tend to think that this is just part of “normal life”, and there is nothing we can do to stop it?!?!?!?!

All Natural Cosmetics - Olive Oil Base by "Aya Natural"

From the spiritual land of Galilee we bring more than 500 years of tradition and knowledge of growing, vesting and manufacturing of olive oil and olive oil product.  Years of experience are packed in in their all natural skin care line of products.

Garden@Home - Modular Planters System

Modular planters system for the urban gardening.  Suitable for limited spaces.  Can be easily assembled on walls and guardrails.  Can be endlessly expended.

Magic Shelf - Effortless assembly corner shelf

Have you ever asked yourself how long should it take you to assemble a corner shelf?  I am giving you as much as 60 seconds.  How about that?


Uniquely design combination of wood and metal carport.  Easy DIY concept.  Wood structure is treated but not painted allowing the customer to select a color of his/her choice

Garden Shed - Aluminum Shed (....not metal shed)

This is an aluminum shed not traditional metal sheet shed. 16 mm wall thickness with Styrofoam – better isolation factor (reduction of condensation and moist). Higher resistance for rust. Faster and simpler to assemble than most metal sheds: Larger panels – fewer panels, faster easier to assemble. Only 150 screws – about 10% off typical metal shed (1,500 screws).

Potsafe - Cooking safety device

Potsafe – Cooking safety device: It is made of the finest stainless steel. We completed four years of development and now Potsafe is ready. Once in place it locks the pots in position and prevents children, elderly and even pets from pulling pots from the cook-top over themselves . There is currently no other product on the market – Offering this level of protection for the kitchen. It is easy to install easy to dismantle easy to clean, comfortable to use and keep cooking safe for all family members.

ShockTape - Say farewell to pigeon problems

Electric system that repels pigeon problems FOR EVER!!! Easy to install.  Safe to use and harmless to pigeons.

Vinea - Green Walls

Vinea Living Walls is a modular system of flowerpots for vertical assembly, both inside and outside the home.

Lawn Metal Art - Flower Pot Holder

Supplied as a flat aluminum sheet Bending clockwise or tilting the cut metal pcs into a decorative shape. Fast and easy to set. UV-resistant coating endures sunny conditions. Rust-free, long lasting colors.

Porat - Decorative Fences

Simple DIY concept – easy to assemble. Tailor-made for your needs: easily assembled on brick walls, or anchored to the ground. Unique design UV-resistant coating endures constant sunny conditions. Rust-free, long lasting colors.


An easy to install shower curtain comprises of 2 sheets. External sheet with wide opening allowing full accessibility and visibility of the bathing subject. Internal sheet allows to close the opening, enabling better splashing prevention. Hanging rings included

Safety Magnet - Cell-phone accessory

Supplied as a flat aluminum sheet Bending clockwise or tilting the cut metal pcs into a decorative shape. Fast and easy to set. UV-resistant coating endures sunny conditions. Rust-free, long lasting colors.

Lightweight Children Furniture

Lighter than most children furniture. Fast and easy to assemble and dismantle. No tools required. Limited storage is required (when dismantle). Available in various colors. Strong and virtually untreatable. Easy to clean and maintain. Multiple assembly and dismantle is permitted as products durability will remain unchanged.

Life Saving Bracelet

According to the United States Senate, in the United States alone, over 440,000 people die every year due to preventable medical errors caused by the attending medical staff lacking patient medical history. There is a solution to this problem. ….just click on the image and see….

Textile Warmth Medical Products

Textile warmth products provide feeling of cozy, comfort and pleasant.  Smooth walk and warm feet are always needed during cold days.  Thus, warmth is also important to our health.  Just click on the image and see how a commercial mass market product transforms into a medical line.

The magic of light

…have you always wanted to have just a bit of a shiny light during a cloudy day? …at the end of a busy day when you sit at your backyard, are you looking for relaxing atmosphere? Cazador-del-sol, brings the magic of turning invisible light into a smooth a relaxing experience. …thanks to its warm light and its gentle swaying in the wind, the Cazador will bring harmony and sunshine into your life – whether the sun shines or not. Just click on the image for the magic.

GreenGround - New way to grow freshly produce in urban surrounding

Grow your own …is growing in urban surrounding.  most city dwellers are using their balconies, balcony rails and other areas of their apartments to grow vegetable, spices, herbs and flowers.  GreenGround offers new way to grow in your immediate surrounding and also creating an “eco  system” allowing to use flat roof of apartment buildings as your new growing area.