Boost Export Project Management is a boutique marketing firm that helps small and medium manufacturers penetrate international markets. We also help entrepreneurs expose their innovative products to the retail environment, through our vast network of distributors and sales agents in over 20 countries worldwide. Our main focus is on consumer good products, including: Gardening, DIY, Houseware & Homeware, Textile & Fashion and Gadgets.  We also specialize in HLS & Defense product lines, and in Protective Clothing.


With over 15 years of experience, expertise and international success, we expose you to more than 20,000 POS locations worldwide, NOT INCLUDING online and mobile sales.

Our network of affiliates and contacts is the key to placing your product at over 20,000 retail locations and online channels. Selling online requires logistic support, such as fulfillment warehouses for drop shipments. Boost works with fulfillment warehouses in selected international locations.

RETAILERS, DISTRIBUTORS AND SALES REPS: Looking for Made in Israel novelties? We provide complete Sourcing Services. Israel is known worldwide for its innovation and creativity – especially in the high-tech industry. The “High-tech Nation” has gone on to create an atmosphere of advanced technology in multiple areas, including consumer goods. You can find a wealth of unique and innovative low-tech products Made in Israel here on our “Products” page. We know that your expectations of Israeli products are high and so our products meet only the highest standards of innovation. Our products indeed create that “wow effect” that helps you to bring great value to your market.

Our Sourcing Process includes 4 phases: 

 1.      Contact Boost with the description of your desired product. 

2.      Boost conducts a market search. 

3.      Receive a detailed report of our findings, preferably including more than one product, for your further assessment and decision.

4.      Receive samples of the items you are interested in, for further evaluation and initial introduction to your customers, until a deal is made. 

For Israeli and foreign manufacturers seeking to explore new markets, the process includes 2 major phases: 


Feasibility Study and Market Research – This 3-4 month process includes contacting all relevant accounts worldwide.  We send presentations and materials, followed by prices and samples. Based on feedback and interest, we then assess potential for success, and can plan and execute further market penetration.  

Implementation – This phase includes advanced product preparation, market visits and participation in trade events until a deal is made. Then, jointly, we will bring your products to the retailer’s shelves in as many POS as possible, including online stores.

Let us turn your local success

into an international blast!

Explore the vast range of products we offer on our Products page.


My name is David Deshe, founder and owner of Boost – Export Projects Management.  I graduated the University of Illinois at Chicago with BA in Marketing.  I gained more than 15 years of international marketing experience in both industrial and consumer good fields covering more than 25 countries.  My network of affiliates and contacts enabled me the necessary access to retail locations in more than 20 countries totaled at more than 20,000 retail locations.  We have access to the growing segment of online sales and can provide fulfillment services with logistic partners we work with.


I thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to your inquiry and our cooperation.